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Review of massage at the Deep Nature spa in Arc 1950, Les Sources de Marie

After travelling for over 8 hours in a car from Dieppe to Arc 1950 and hiking in the mountains I was in need of some deep relaxation and pampering.


I’d heard that there was a spa in resort so decided to go and see what they had to offer. I was expecting to see a spa menu consisting mainly of sport related treatments and a swimming pool. I imagined them catering for the summer mountain bikers and hikers and the winter boarders and skiers. The Deep Nature spa took me by surprise. (


The spa experience


On arriving the spa has a very modern feel, clean white lines and a relaxing atmosphere. This was given by the fresh smell and calming music playing quietly in the background. There was a smart professional on reception giving you confidence you were going to be well looked after.


I changed into my swimming costume, put on my robe and slippers and spent a few minutes being baffled by the locker system. Once I’d figured out the beeping and located my locker, I made my way down into the spa.


The pool is a winding river with a slow current. There are alcoves for sitting and enjoying the massaging effects of the jets and bubbles being blown from the wall. The alcoves offered a private space where I could sit and relax with my partner, although I think we were comparing aches and pains.


We decided we should switch off completely. The best place for this would be the sauna, silence a must. Here we lay on the warm benches closed our eyes and drifted. Bliss.


My partner then headed for the steam room and mist showers, cold and invigorating apparently. I preferred to lounge in the Jacuzzi until it was time for our massage appointment.


The massage


The view from treatment room window, which covered most of the wall, was awe inspiring. The beautiful French Alps mountain ranges including the snow topped Mont Blanc. I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures before settling onto the massage couch.


We had opted for a back massage which was heavenly. The right amount of pressure was applied as the therapists checked in with us during the treatment, aches and pains were melted away. There was no hurry to move us along after the treatment either. We sipped our water, wrapped up in our robes and soaked up the scenery once again before heading back to reality.


The spa menu

Deep Nature has an extensive spa menu. For fair weather visitors looking to while away a blizzard or heavy rain shower you can access the spa and enjoy lunch. For luxurious pampering enjoy a face or body ritual including wraps, scrubs, cleansing and massage.


If you have specific aches or pains they provide deep tissue massage, hot stone massage or a relaxing massage. There is a menu specifically for 6-16 year olds and a Nail bar. Spa access and treatment prices range from 20-285 Euros. (All prices from the current brochure, August 2014)


The spa experience at Deep Nature, Arc 1950 was more than I had anticipated. After a pleasurable few hours I’d definitely seek out a Deep Nature spa again.


For a list of other Deep Nature Spa locations visit http://www.d

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