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Beauty Newhaven

Beauty treatments are undertaken to make the aesthetics of a person look younger, refreshed, revitalised, and attractive as well as for the individual to feel good. Whichever Newhaven beauty treatment you decide to book in for it should be one that you want to do for you.

Beauty Newhaven: Manicure

IMG_7295-for-webManicures are treatments for the hands and nails. Both men and women benefit from regular manicures, hands look and feel softer while nails are kept neat and tidy. Most men prefer to opt for a nail buff instead of having a polish applied, where the nail is given a smooth, healthy and natural appearance.

Women may also choose to have no polish, a buffed finished can look very professional. Polishes can be kept simple by choosing bold colours such as red or navy, they may look elegant with a French manicure, fashionable (by choosing this seasons key colours or using different colours on alternate nails) or fun ( try a pink base with green tip for a take on the classic French manicure).

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Beauty Newhaven: Pedicure

Pedicures are treatments for the feet and nails. Feet are usually shut away in shoes and socks during the colder months. When summer comes pedicures become more popular as everyone wants to have good looking feet for flip flops and beach time. The key to a well cared for foot is a regular pedicure.

During the treatment skin is softened and massaged, cuticles tidied and nails trimmed. Your therapist may be able to spot early signs of fungus or infection giving you time to get to the doctor for treatment before it can spread and become unsightly

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Beauty Newhaven: Waxing

Waxing is a quick and long lasting hair removal treatment. The hot wax and strip method is suitable for face and body. Men and women prefer to have groomed look where there is a long lasting and smooth effect.

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Beauty Newhaven: Facial

Facials for men and women are great way of boosting or starting a home skin care routine. Facials are a great way to improve problems such as ageing skin, dehydration, excessive oil and uneven skin tone. It is always important to follow aftercare advice and have a good home care routine.

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