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Indian Head Massage: What Benefits Does This Massage Offer?

Benefits of Indian Head massage come from the massage itself as well as the properties of the oils used.

Physiologically Indian head massage increases blood and lymph circulation, releases sweat and sebum, relaxes and relieves tension, increases range of movement, soothes nerves and reduces sinus blockages and headaches.

Physically Indian head massage can stimulate hair growth, cell regeneration and improve the condition of skin and hair.

Psychologically Indian head massage improves feelings of well being and calmness, increases energy, aids sleep and concentration, and reduces stress

The choices of oils to be used during an Indian Head massage include:
Sesame oil; the benefts of this oil are that it is almost odourless, it is great for dry hair and skin conditions including psoriasis and eczema as well as relieving aches and pains.
Coconut oil; the oil is odourless and has emollient properties so is ideal for softening skin and hair and can help reduce inflammation.
Olive oil; has a slight aroma, it is beneficial for itching skin as it is calming as it is a warming oil it can also help relieve tightness and pain in muscles and joints.
Mustard oil; has a stronger smell than most other oils used in massage it is very warming and so is ideal for muscular and joint problems