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Manicure and Pedicure: What Are The Treatment Options?

Depending upon your budget and your schedule choose from one of 3 options for both manicure and pedicure:

The express treatment
20 minutes tidies the shape of the nails and finishes with either a polish or buffing (buffing is great for men or for women who cannot wear polish to work as it smoothes ridges and gives a clean finish to natural nails.
The traditional treatment
40 minutes makes time for the cuticles to be pushed back, trimmed and conditioned for a neater appearance as well as the shaping of the nails and either polish applied or the nails buffed to finish, in the case of the feet they will be soaked prior to treatment to help soften the cuticles.
The luxury treatment
This really pampers the hands and feet as well as the nails over 1 hour 10 minutes. For the manicure the nails are soaked, cuticles pushed back and nipped off, nails shaped, hands massaged and a treatment mask applied and nails polished or buffed to finish. For the pedicure the feet are soaked, exfoliated and dead skin sloughed away, the cuticles are pushed back and nipped off, nails shaped, feet massaged, a mask applied and nails polished or buffed to finish.