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Facials Newhaven

At Holistic Treats we offer a few different Newhaven facial treatments.

Facials Newhaven

natfaceliftExpress or Basic facials look at giving your home care routine a kick start and are great when your skin needs a boost in a short amount of time.Find out more about Express Facials Newhaven.

Signature or Luxury Facials are designed to treat specific concerns. Specific products can be chosen to meet your needs for that day such as hydration, anti ageing, brightening, and oil reduction. Find out more about Signature facials Newhaven.

We also offer Natural lift facial massage which is sometimes called facial rejuvenation of natural facelift. It is not a traditional facial beauty treatment rather it is a massage using a blend of Japanese and Indian techniques including acupuncture, lymphatic drainage, facial reflexology and muscle retraining. Natural lift facial massage uses the meridians of the face to balance the whole body and the natural flow of energy. Find out more about Natural lift facial massage.

Information about facials

There are a few points to consider when choosing the right salon to have your treatment in.

Where is the salon?

During a facial your make up will be removed. To benefit from the products and massage you will not want to reapply until the following day. Are you happy to walk home through a busy high street? If you are not concerned about this you will still need to think about how you will get home and how long the journey will be. Facials are relaxing and you want to make the most of the state of peace you have reached by having a short trip home.

What is the treatment area like?

Always call or visit the salon to find out more about where your treatment will take place. You may want to consider where the room is; will you be able to hear passing traffic or people, will the heating be adequate…

Which products are used?

There are many products available in salons; you may want to choose a salon because they are using a product that you have heard of before or one that is branded to that particular salon. You may decide that you want to choose a salon as they use products that are have their ingredients ethically sourced, are organic or use aromatherapy oils. Make sure you do your research to ensure that you will be happy to have the products available used on your skin.

What are the treatment options?

Can you book your facial in advance or will the therapist choose the right one for you on your arrival? A salon should be able to mix and match a variety of products to make that facial tailor made for you.

The key to a successful and enjoyable Newhaven facial treatments is to ask all of the questions in advance so that you can relax on the actual day.