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Female Treatments

All treatments at Holistic Treats are suitable for female clients.

For your own comfort, you may wish to consider that during the last few days of your menstrual cycle you become more sensitive, so having a hair removal treatment (particularly for the first time) during this time may not be suitable for you. Clients that are pregnant may experience more sensitivity than normal so again this is something to consider before booking your appointment.

I will be happy to test a small area for you if you are unsure how sensitive you are feeling.

When pregnant the traditional positions for massage become increasingly impossible so to accomodate this you can either be seated or you can lie on your side while I massage your back. You can then turn and lie on your back for the remainder of the treatment.

For all treatments during pregnancy extra supports are provided to ensure that you are comfortable for the time you are with me.

If you have any concerns about treatments please call or email