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Male Treatments

All treatments at Holistic Treats are suitable for male clients.

For nail treatments the majority of men prefer not to wear a coloured polish, instead there are a few options to finish the treatment and give the nails are clean and smart look; a clear polish can be used; the nails can be buffed to a shine; the nails can be slightly buffed to smooth over but remain matt.

The products used during the treatment can be selected to your prefered fragrance and alternatives with little aroma can also be used.

For hair removal there are several adjustments to be noted. For eyebrow shaping it is recommended that the therapist use tweezers to pluck stray hairs to give a tidy finish, unless a dramatic change to eyebrow shape is required or the area between the eyebrows is to be removed.

Whilst oher hair removal is unconventional, at Holistic Treats, I am happy to perform hair removal on neck, shoulders, chest, arms, back and legs. As the hair growth can vary greatly between male clients a quote for treatment can only be given after a consultation of the area.

Please note that no male intimate areas are waxed at Holistic Treats.

If you have any questions regarding any of the treatments please call or email