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Massage Newhaven

There are many forms of massage, at Holistic Treats we provide a full range of treatments covering the most popular types. All massage includes a full consultation that your therapist will use to adapt the massage for the best results. At Holistic Treats we offer:

Swedish massage Newhaven

A traditional Western massage ideal for relieving tension; click here for more information on Swedish massage

Aromatherapy massage Newhaven

hot-stoneUses essential oils to enhance your massage, can be relaxing or invigorating. Click here for more information on Aromatherapy massage Newhaven

Indian Head massage Newhaven

Focusing on the upper body this is a stimulating seated massage. Click here for more information on Indian Head massage

Hot Stone massage Newhaven

Heated basalt stones give a deeply relaxing experience during this massage. Click here for more information on Hot Stone massage

Natural Lift Facial massage Newhaven

Various techniques are combined to rejuvenate the face leaving the skin looking and feeling younger. Click here for more information on Natural Lift Facial massage

Pregnancy massage Newhaven

Either seated or side-lying, pregnancy massage is adjusted to your needs depending on where you are in your pregnancy and how you are feeling. More information on pregnancy massage.

There are many places to have a massage salons range from those that are part of well known brands or chains to independent salons on the high street or at the therapist’s home to those that are mobile. Treatments offered vary between all of these and it is important to do your research and find the type of massage that meets your needs. Quite often the independent therapists have more time to sit down and talk to you about what it is you are looking for and can adjust the treatment accordingly.