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Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage is often chosen to be a more relaxing massage. However as we use traditional Swedish massage techniques these can be adapted to be relaxing, energising, stress relieving… all with the benefits of a personal blend of essential oils added into the carrier oil.

An aromatherapy massage works on the physical aspect of the body by manipulating different muscles. It also has an effect on a psychological level too, as the smell of the oils enters the limbic system via the nose our emotions and autonomic and central nervous systems are affected.

The properties that the essential oils possess have even more of an effect once the very small molecules are absorbed through the skin. They affect all systems of the body: emotional, cardiovascular, digestive, immunological, respiratory, lymphatic, urinary, reproductive, dermatological, muscular and skeletal.

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The atmosphere in the Newhaven treatment room is calm and relaxing providing a retreat from the outside world allowing you to fully enjoy the aromas of the oils and the massage.