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Hair Removal: Waxing

There are many types of wax. At Holistic Treats we use hot wax, this uses heated resins and oils which are of a runny consistency. It is applied evenly to the skin in the direction of hair growth. Fabric or paper strips are used to remove the wax and the hairs in the opposite direction of the growth.

This type of hair removal is suitable for the face, for example; on eyebrows, cheeks, upper lip, and chin (due to the coarseness of male beards cannot be waxed), wax can also be used on the body, for example; underarms, arms, chest, back, bikini and legs.

Benefits of waxing include the fact that there is no shadowing with hair regrowth such as that with shaving; the root and the follicle are removed together giving a longer hair free period. When hair reappears it is tapered and feels softer.

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