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Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage uses heated basalt stones to create a deeply relaxing treatment.

The therapist uses a variety of techniques to move the stones across the body manipulating the muscles delivering heat deep into the muscular layers allowing tension that has built up over long periods to be melted away.

Hot stone massage increases circulation, improving the blood flow to and toxins away from the surrounding areas. The heat increases respiration, heart rate and the production of erythrocytes and leucocytes therefore boosting immunity, it also decreases blood pressure, stress and tiredness, making this a beneficial treatment.

Hot stone massage: What to expect
Hot stone massage: Where do the stones come from?

Allow some time at the end of this treatment to get ready to leave slowly, as it is a deeply relaxing massage you may need to lay in the Newhaven treatment room and become grounded before sitting up to dress. Water is always available for you to drink throughout the massage.