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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is wonderful to receive. At Holistic Treats we know this from personal experience of receiving massage during pregnancy.

indianheadMassage during this time can help promote feeling of relaxation, easing away all of those worries about what is happening inside of you. It can also help relieve aches and pains experienced from carrying the extra weight and holding yourself in different positions during the day as well as while you are sleeping. Some water retention can be relieved during the massage and some acupressure points are able to reduce feelings of nausea and increase energy.

This lovely treatment lasts for 70 minutes and will leave you feeling completely pampered and relaxed.

As your needs change through pregnancy the treatment will be adapted to cater for your needs from different positions to extra supports and to different focus areas.

Acupressure points can be incorporated into the massage to help with common pregnancy symptoms as well as to help in birth preparation. This is where regular massage can really make a difference to you and your baby. Some of these points can also be self applied at home or can be shown to your birthing partner to help during labour.

Pregnancy massage: What to expect
Pregnancy massage: Cautions

The lovely Newhaven treatment room provides a calming escape from everyday life perfect from pregnancy massage. An adjustable couch, a step to help you on and off the couch and lots of supports and covers are all on hand to make this a perfect experience.