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Reflexology is a treatment to the feet using massage and pressure to reflex points. It aims to balance the whole body so that it works in harmony creating a feeling of well being.

The whole of the body is represented in the feet and the hands; each area (organ, limb…) has its own reflex point. By using pressure over these points blockages and imbalances can be identified and cleared so that the natural flow of energy is restored.

Reflexology: What to expect
Reflexology: What are the benefits?

The feet become desensitised to their surroundings as they are always covered with socks or shoes. Try walking around in bare feet on different surfaces to explore what are you able to feel. Leaving the Newhaven treatment room you can walk across carpet, decking, rubber mats, soil, pebbles, concrete and tiles. Notice the changes in temperature and texture as you say goodbye.