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Post Treatment Advice

Massage and Holistic Treatments

Over the next 24-48 hours:
* Relax
* Drink plenty of water (for rehydration and aiding elimination of toxins)
* Have a light meal (your energy is needed for healing as well as digestion)
* Avoid stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and cigarettes
* Delay washing (this allows oils to be absorbed)
* Avoid sunlight including sunbeds (some essential oils are phototoxic)

After a massage or holistic treatment some clients may experience some symptoms of healing this may include:
* increased need to urinate
* headaches
* nausea
* diarrhoea
* emotional changes
* exisiting symptoms become worse

Experiencing these symptoms is a positive sign that the body is going through a healing change, they should only last for 24-48 hours. If symptoms persist you should seek advice from a doctor as there may be an underlying cause.

Nail Treatments

* Be patient, allow plenty of time for polish to dry
* Regularly use a top coat to protect the polish form chipping
* Do not use nails as a tool
* Avoid biting and picking nails
* Protect your hands, feet and nails from environmental damage by applying lotion and wearing gloves
* regular manicure and pedicure will keep your hands, feet and nails in good condition

Hair removal

For 24 hours after:
* Wash with warm water
* Avoid soap and any perfumed body lotions
* Do not go into the sun or sunbed
* Do not apply fake tan
* Avoid any type of heat or other stimulating treatment
* Avoid any tight fitting clothing

After 24 hours:
* When the skin is calm begin regular exfoliation
* Attend regular waxing appointments so that the hair becomes finer and the follicle weaker

Facial Treatments

* Try to avoid wearing make up after to allow skin to benefit from products applied
* Stay out of the sun and avoid sun beds
* If massage is included follow massage after care