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Pre Treatment Advice

For all treatments at Holistic Treats it is recommended that you attend your appointment already showered and clean as, although there are toilet facilities, there are no changing or showering facilities available.

Please be courteous and attend all appointments on time, if you know you are going to be late please call to advise as we may need to reschedule. This is to ensure that the treatment is not rushed and clients with later appointments do not need to be left waiting.

If you are having polish applied at the end of the pedicure treatment you must bring a pair of flip flops to wear so that you do not smudge the polish

Before a hair removal treatment please ensure that the hair is long enough to be removed, if it is not then you will not receive the finish that you require. It is also advisable that you exfoliate the area to be treated regularly to allow any trapped hairs to be lifted.

For massage where the face is to be included in the treatment it is best not to wear any make up so that the oils can be absorbed into the skin, alternatively you can bring some make up remover with you.

For facial treatments most make up will be removed although it is best to wear only light eye make up as this is more difficult for the therapist to remove completely without causing discomfort, again you may remove heavy eye make up before the start of the appointment and the remainder will be removed for you during the initial cleansing stage.