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Waxing Newhaven

Waxing Newhaven is suitable for men and women and is an effective way of hair removal that can be used on most parts of the body. If you have very sensitive skin then you may be better finding another type of hair removal although a patch test, carried out on all new clients, should highlight any issues. For more about waxing Newhaven click here.

From the face the most common request is for eyebrow waxing for both men and women. Women can also have hair removed from the upper lip and chin, but for men the hair here is too coarse. From the body underarm hair can be removed as well as arms, hands, shoulders, back, legs, feet and for women the bikini line. Some salons offer male intimate waxing but this does not take place at Holistic Treats. For further information on hair type and waxing Newhaven click here.

It is important to carry out any preparation needed for the treatment. This may involve trimming longer hair, exfoliating regularly or coming to the salon for a patch test. After care should also be followed to ensure the skin does not become sore and irritated and that regrowth of the hair is normal. Click here to read more about preparation and aftercare for waxing Newhaven.